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The Heritage Rewards program is now available from your phone. Become an exclusive part of the Island community, earn rewards, receive special offers and even track your score right from your smartphone. Simply download the Heritage Golf app and start earning rewards today.


Q. What is the Heritage Reward Program?
A. The Heritage Rewards Program is a point based system in which points are earned for every dollar spent. Reward points can then be used to redeem products at the participating facilities.

Q. Who can join the Heritage Rewards programs?
A. Anyone 18 years and older may participate in the Heritage Reward program.

Q. How do you enroll in the Heritage Rewards Program?
A. Simply download the “Heritage Golf on Hilton Head” App from the App store. Click on the Rewards Program, fill in the required fields, and then start earning points immediately.

Q. Are you required to renew annually?
A. No, it’s a one-time enrollment.

Q. How do you earn Heritage Reward Points?
A. For every dollar spent on qualified purchases, a Heritage Reward point is earned. You must have your cell phone at the time of purchase, so the earned points will be entered into your App.

Q. How do I know how many Heritage Rewards Points I’ve earned?
A. The App will keep a running total of your Heritage Reward points earned and also when Heritage Reward points are redeemed.

Q. Are Heritage Reward Points transferable?
A. Heritage Reward Points and non-transferable and have no cash value.

Q. How do I redeem my Heritage Reward Points?
A. It’s simple, provide your cell phone to one of our associates and they will redeem them from your app. You must have the app downloaded and available to redeem points.

Q. Where can I use the Reward Gift Card?
A. Food and Beverage Reward Gift cards may be redeemed at any participating restaurant. Merchandise Reward Gift cards may be redeemed at any participating Golf Shop. Reward Gift Cards cannot be used for purchasing rounds of golf, tennis court time or other items and are only good at Hilton Head Island Heritage facilities.
B. If you are making a purchase with a previously issued gift card that does not cover the entire purchase price you can pay the balance with another form of payment. Only the additional payment portion of the purchase may be recorded toward another future gift card.

Q. How do I know when I earn Reward Points?
A. In the Heritage App you will click the Rewards tile, and then click the Rewards Summary tab to display your current status.

Q. Do earned Reward Point expire if not used?
A. Yes, they expire after one year.

Q. May I use the gift cards on sale items or other promotions?
A. Yes, the Food & Beverage Reward Gift Card can be used on any Food & Beverage (full price or promotions such as happy hour). The Merchandise Reward Gift Cards can be used on any merchandise item (full price or sale racks).

Q. Once a Reward Gift Card is issued, can anyone redeem it?
A. You or anyone that you give the card can redeemed it. However lost or stolen Reward Gift Cards will not be replaced.

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