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How To Get A Ball Out Of Deep Rough

You will usually find these situations close to the fairway where the grass is really growing, the ball is sitting down, and you really cannot get a fairway  wood on this shot. Here is how to play it! I like to start with a 6 iron and fix my grip so it is a little […]

Controlling Iron Shots Trajectory

The first shot we’re going to learn is how to flight a golf shot a little lower into a back-hole location on a green. The reason is to hit the center of the green then have some ability to release to the hole. Setting up, the ball is going to be slightly back in your […]

Shaping Iron Shots from the Fairways

This week’s Tuesday Tip is how to shape your iron shots from right to left and left to right to tricky hole locations on the green. When you’re in the fairway you have a couple of decisions to make regarding the hole location on the green. For today’s example, the hole location is favoring the […]

Lag Putting

When you find yourself putting on the green 30 plus feet away from the hole, your goal is to try and get the ball down in two putts. To eliminate three putting, lag putting with proper technique is so important. Here’s how to get better! First, evaluate the speed of the greens, you do that […]

Pitch and Run Shots from Tight Lies

If you find yourself just short of the green on a tight lie and a hole location that is 20-30 feet away, be sure to use these two techniques to hit it close! Both techniques will vary the trajectory or a lower shot so that your landing zone will be more accurate and you will […]

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