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8 Must Have Items When Traveling To Hilton Head Island

  1. Hilton Head Island is a unique place with a wide variety of things to do and fun for the whole family!

    Here are 8 items you need to bring to make sure you’re ready for anything!

  2. 1. Plastic Bags.
    This is a beach bag must have! Putting your dirty, wet, and sandy clothes, toys, and towels into a plastic bag is a game changer! No matter how much you love the beach, nobody wants to bring it home with them. There’s going to be sand in your vehicle and room, but there will be much less sand if you toss all of your sandy items into a plastic bag first.

    2. Comfortable Walking Shoes and Sandals
    Hilton Head Island isn’t all about the beautiful beaches and gorgeous golf courses! Lined with miles of scenic trails it’s a great place to be active as well as a health-conscious mode of transportation throughout the Island. Stretching just under 10 miles there aren’t too many places you can’t venture off to by walking, jogging, and cycling.

    3. Hat & Sunglasses
    Yes, a hat is the obvious choice to shield your eyes from the sun but it can also double as a practical fashion accessory.


4. Collared Shirts & Golf Shoes.
Hilton Head Island is known nationwide for their incredible golf courses, most of which (ourselves included) ask that you wear a collared shirt. Even if you don’t plan on hitting the greens while you’re here, you might change your mind once you see some of the gorgeous courses, so come prepared! You’re already packing shirts and shoes, just toss those into the mix, it won’t take up much space!

5. Sun Screen
Protecting your skin from the damaging sun is the #1 rule to a successful day of fun in the sun!

6. Sunglasses
Just as it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, it’s also important to shield your eyes. Our gorgeous white sand beaches are easy on the eyes, but with the sun beating down on them they can be very bright.

7. Cooler
Hot summer days on the beach make it easy for you to dehydrate without even realizing it. Keep a cooler stocked with waters and sports drinks, it’s important to make sure you’re replenishing your electrolytes and sodium as well as water.

8. Sense of Adventure
In a unique location like Hilton Head Island, you never know what you’ll get into! With rope courses, golf courses, mini putt putt, escape rooms, foot golf, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, or trying a new dish you’ve never had before; there is so much excitement for you to explore!

No matter what your adventure to Hilton Head Island entails, bring these 8 items and you’ll be ready for anything!




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